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In case you're in need of reassurance that an iOS 7 jailbreak is still being worked on, look no further than the recently-spoken words of iOS hacker Nikias Bassen (pimskeks), one of the hackers involved with the evad3rs hacker team.


 He explains that the evad3rs are still working on the jailbreak and asks for patience. As we could imagine, the team is probably getting pummeled by questions about ETAs and progress.

 iOS 7 was released in September, and users are patiently awaiting a jailbreak to start customizing their devices just like they were able to in the iOS 6 days. Many jailbreakers are still on iOS 6 as they continue to preserve the jailbreak that they already have.

 Since the initial release of iOS 7, Apple has released a number of updates to the operating system, which fix bugs and security issues, but even the latest version of iOS, version 7.0.3, is susceptible to a jailbreak, as iOS hacker MuscleNerd pointed out near the end of October:


 While even the latest version of iOS 7 is vulnerable to the exploits that the evad3rs have been tinkering with, Apple still has a variety of updates planned for iOS that will be out in the future. iOS 7.0.4 has been gaining traction in Web logs, and iOS 7.1 is still in the middle of internal testing. We would recommend holding off on these updates until the evad3rs have had a chance to confirm the safety of upgrading.

 While today’s Tweet from pimskeks doesn’t go into any vivid detail, it does let us know that the iOS 7 jailbreak is still being diligently worked on and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. A lot of work goes into creating a jailbreak, including testing all of the available devices, creating a tool that the average user can operate, and ensuring that the jailbreak is stable enough to release to the public.

 We continue to offer thanks to the developers that make jailbreaking possible and with them the best of luck in succeeding.


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