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Just a couple days ago we showed you a new free jailbreak tweak called NowNow that allowed you to invoke Google Now from anywhere on your iOS device using an Activator action, as long as you had the new Google Search application installed. It was a great way to get voice-assistant functionality on non-Siri devices the Siri way because it let you invoke the Google Now voice service at the press of a button even when you weren't in the actual Google Search application.

Adding upon the genius of NowNow is iOS hacker and developer Ryan Petrich, who has developed his own version of the tweak that actually does even more than NowNow did. The new tweak, dubbed Activoice, can be downloaded for free today.

So how is Activoice like NowNow on steroids? Well, the tweak can do more than just invoke the Google application’s voice feature. Activoice will add more features to the Activator preference pane so you can select what you would like the tweak to do when you call on it:

By default, Activoice will invoke Google Now when you press and hold the home button. Activoice allows you to change the action between any of the following features contained within the Google Search application for when you invoke the Activator action:

-Launch Google Search and load up Google Now for voice search
-Launch Google Search and load up Google Goggles for image search
-Launch Google Search and load up Text Search and the keyboard
-Launch Google Search and load up the Google Apps pane

Whichever you find more convenient to use, this tweak will fit around your preference. If you’re interested in downloading Activoice, then you’ll have to add Ryan Petrich’s beta repository to Cydia. You can add it by opening Cydia, tapping on Manage, then tapping on Sources, then tapping Edit, then tapping on Add, and adding the following repository URL:

PHP Code:

Activoice is totally free, by the way.


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