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After such a waiting, Angry Birds Star Wars is finally available on Pandaapp! This time pesky birds dress up as Star Wars heroes - including Luke, Han, and Chewbacca - and then fling themselves at pigs playing Stormtroopers, oh did I mentioned they got weapons now!

The game is a mix of classic Angry Birds, and the anti-gravity capers of Angry Birds Space. It all depends on whether you're beating up Sand People on Tatooine, or wrecking TIE Fighters in the shadow of the Death Star.

You'll get 80 levels for your cash, spread over two chapters: Tatooine and Death Star. They mirror the first movie, and you'll unlock characters in sync with the plot. There are also a handful of bonus stages to unlock, either by finding golden droids or by collecting bucket loads of stars.

Now light your sword!

Angry Birds Star Wars Angry Birds Star Wars

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