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SIM cards believe it or not come in 4 sizes.

-SIM Card - Not used any more; about the size of a credit card.
-Mini-SIM Card - The most common in the previous generation, it's what most people would call a SIM card.
-Micro-SIM Card - The now standard for smartphones; much smaller; just about contains the contacts on the back.
-Nano-SIM Card - I've only seen it used so far in Apple iPhones, but I'm sure it will catch on; this is literally just the contacts.

Step 1: Get a Sim Card + Scissors

No matter what size, I think most of you will have the Mini SIM Card and will want to cut that down to a micro-SIM card but a Nano SIM is also possible.

Step 2: Download This Page and Print

This is a link to a page from a UK mobile network that gives you the guide on how to cut your SIM down to size.

Step 3: Mark Up and Start Cutting

Obviously be careful when cutting, you will want to follow the guide exactly.

You will see the actual memory of the SIM card isn't anywhere near the edges but is just in the middle so theres little to no danger of cutting that but just be careful neither me nor the template guide are responsible for what you do to your SIM.

Video Guide


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