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The sequel of N.Y.Zombies back in April of 2010, a gory first-person zombie blaster is now available on Pandaapp. You and two pals can take on the zombie apocalypse in co-op, as you find weapons, upgrade skills, and fight for survival.

In this side-scrolling brawler, you take on the role of the heroic He-Man, and attempt to protect the secrets of Castle Grayskull from the evil forces of Skeletor.

There are 27 action-packed levels spread across seven areas of Eternia.

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 - Co-op multiplayer with up to 3 players, powered by GameCenter!
 - Battle huge hordes of zombies, up to 20-30 at once!
 - Explore a broken-down New York City - from Times Square, to Central Park, to the Holland Tunnel and more!
 - Gear up with over 25 upgradable weapons and items!
 - Awesome items like bear traps, molotov cocktails, a riot shield, land mines, grenades, auto-turrets, and more!
 - Easy to learn shooting mechanics - tap to shoot from the hip, or use iron sights for greater accuracy!

 - Learn a variety of skills!
 - 3 different skill paths: survivor, close combat, and marksman!
 - 18 unique enemy types, including mutant crows, giant zombies, rabid dogs, diseased zombies, and many more!
 - Discover an epic story of survival!
 - 2 game modes: Story and Endless!

 - Stunning graphics with advanced lighting and effects!
 - Full iPhone/iPod Touch 5 widescreen support!
 - Retina display enabled for the new iPad!
 - Sync progress across multiple devices using iCloud!

N.Y.Zombies 2 N.Y.Zombies 2
The world you once knew is gone. The bustling streets of New York are now quiet, except for the occasional cry for help. Your friends, your family, your neighbors and coworkers are all dead. The end of the world has come… and it seems strangely familiar.

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