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A study by OptoFidelity has found a significant lack of touch screen accuracy with Apple's iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c displays. The company used its Touch Panel Performance Test to compare the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, and Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphones.

OptoFidelity Touch & Test is a test platform for touch device testing. PDT stands for panel performance device level testing. OptoFidelity Touch & Test measures the touch panel accuracy. This tester includes a robot with an artificial finger. The tester compares the coordinates of robot to the coordinates captured from the touch device

The company tapped each phone across the screen and compared the actual touch position with the reported coordinates. The PASS/FAIL limit for their accuracy test was ±1 mm. A green point indicates pass and red one indicates fail.


"Results were highly surprising. According to the results, iPhone’s touch performance is extremely bad near the edges and there is also a different offset on the top of the screen compared to the lower part of the screen."

OptoFidelity says the touch accuracy is much better in the Galaxy S3 which will result in less typing errors. For example, on the iPhone, the keyboard letters Q, O, and P are on areas which failed the accuracy test.




Read More [via AppleInsider]

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