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1. Universal Video Downloader – FREE

Universal Video Downloader is a new free jailbreak application by Harrison Apps, LLC that gives you the ability to download videos from video streaming applications. The application works with several different services from the App Store or from Mobile Safari, including, but not limited to, YouTube. The application comes with the ability to name the video, choose video quality, and play videos when you don’t have an Internet connection. The application even includes download notifications so you can be alerted when your downloads are done. If you like the idea of downloading videos, then you should give this application a spin.

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2. SwipeAway – FREE

Swipeaway is a free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Sirifl0w that lets you close all applications from the App Switcher in just one swipe. This is much easier than the cumbersome process of closing out of App Switcher applications manually, because that could be countless taps. The tweak allows you to simple swipe up or swipe down on an application and all the apps will disappear with a nice little animation. This will free up all of the memory that is being used to hold recently-used applications. It’s also wonderful how the gesture feels so native and it's compatible with the popular Zephyr tweak as well!

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3. Pinch to unlock – FREE

A new free tweak dubbed pinch to unlock has just floated up on Cydia, allows you to use two fingers and a pinching motion to get past the lock screen. Pinch to unlock keeps the stock unlocking animation, which actually looks very native with the pinch to unlock gesture considering the application icons all slide into place from the edges of the screen.

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4. Car Mode – $0.99

Car Mode is a new jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Lior Katz that attempts to make life easier for car-goers. With it, you can enable specific wireless radios and disable others, while also launching any applications of your choice as soon as it is toggled on. This is wonderful for saving time, as you can simply tap on a button and suddenly all the unnecessary battery-killing radios you don’t use on the road can be disabled and you can even set a mapping application to open when enabled so you can get right to the navigation. Car Mode can be useful for people with Bluetooth devices in their cars too since it can be used to enable Bluetooth only while in your car. You can enable or disable Car Mode using an SBSettings toggle. If you take long road trips and want to save yourself a number of taps, this tweak might come in handy every once in a while.

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5. SMS Stats – FREE

SMS Stats is a new app for jailbroken iPhone and iPod touch that acts as a comprehensive messages counter. Not only does the app list the total number of messages sent and received on your device, it also shows the ratio of SMS and iMessage usage, your most frequently used contact and messaging stats for your conversations with any individual contact in your address book.

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6. iOccupied - $3.99

A new jailbreak tweak called iOccupied allows jailbreakers to have their iPhone auto-respond to incoming calls. Once downloaded and installed, users can enable iOccupied from within the Settings app. After doing this, incoming calls will be muted (alerts will be silenced), and the jailbreak tweak will auto-send a message to the caller, informing them that you’re currently unavailable. You can either choose from a pre-composed message in iOccupied’s customization pane (from within the Settings app), or you can compose your own.

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