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What's Pandaapp Gold?

Gold is very useful in Pandaapp, and is can exchanged by points which you can earned by many ways; Of course you also can buy gold with cash, Gold can be used on Pandaapp to download apps/games at a very high speed, participate in certain "contests" held by Pandaapp, or buy items available in Pandaapp Shop(Coming soon).
  • How to earn points from Download Center

    Want some more fast speed downloads in Download center? From now on download center will open Points Reward Program for you to earn more points to download more apps at more fast speed.
  • I want earn points from Download Center? What should I do about it?

    Very simple, you can earn points via following 2 methods:

    a: Share apps/games to Pandaapp download center, you can share any iPhone, iPad, Android,Window Phone app/game via using our share system, after the app/game got approved by our editor, you will be rewarded with 500 points.

    b: SNS Promotion for Pandaappp is the other easy way to earn points, "What is SNS Promotion for Pandaapp?" When you find some good apps/games in download center, and you may want to recommend them to your friends, all you need to do is copy the app/game page link in download center to your facebook, twitter, MSN, Yahoo...and your work is done, every piece of SNS message about Pandaapp promotion (After our editor review it) will be rewarded with 30 points.

  • How to earn points from Comment Center

    "Speech is silver, silence is golden?", totally wrong in Pandaapp, speech is golden, but silence is nothing, if you want download more apps/games from Download center at a more fast speed, you should not keep silence, just say anything you want in comment center, you will get more than you think.

    "How do I earn points from comment center?"

    a: Leave a comment in download center comment center, you will be awarded 5 points

    b:Leave a comment in iPhone, Tablets, Android and Window Phone comment center, you also will be awarded 5 points.

    c. If your comment has been digged, then you will get another 50 points awarded.

  • How to earn points from Users Center

    User center can let you have your own homepage in pandaapp, more than that you can have your own circle by using user center, making friends, contacting with each other via mailbox, and check out what apps and games your friends have downloaded, what threads your friends have posted or replied, what funny title your friends have got, and the last but most important is that User center is just like a points bank where you can earn as much as points you want(as many points as possible), watch the points infographic below:
     Title Qualification Remarks Point(s)
    Royal Panda Continuously login for 7 days    10
    Hardcore Panda Continuously login for 30 days Login at least once per day  50
    Fanatic Panda Continuously login for 180 days    200
    Diehard Panda Continuously login for 365 days    500
    Attractive Panda Personal Homepage has 10 visits    5
    Popular Panda Personal Homepage has 100 visits Multiple visits from a same IP will only be counted as one visit.  20
    Striking Panda Personal Homepage has 1000 visits    50
    Influential Panda Personal Homepage has 10000 visits    100
    Thoughtful Panda Post 1 Mood  Deleted personalized signature is not calculated 1
    Imaginative Panda Post 10 Moods      10
    Fantastic Panda Post 100 Moods      30
    Fancy Panda Post 1000 Moods    80
    Friendly Panda Have 3 friends Deleted friends will not be counted 10
    Popular Panda Have 10 friends    30
    Hot Panda Have 30 friends    60
    SuperHot Panda Have 50 friends    100
    Rookie Panda Have 5 titles    5
     Impressive Panda Have 50 titles Deleted titles will not be counted 10
    Prominent Panda Have 500 titles    50
     Dominant Panda Have 1000 Titles    100
    Wacky Panda Added to the blacklist once Those re-added as friends will not be counted 10
    Notorious Panda Added to the blacklist 10 times 50
    Flawed Panda Profile completeness reaches 50%    10
    Complete Panda Profile completeness reaches 100%    100
    Unknown Panda Personal reputation  reaches 100   10
    Fledgling Panda Personal reputation  reaches 200   20
    Famous Panda Personal reputation  reaches 500   50
    Blockbuster Panda Personal reputation reaches 1000   100
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