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Kitty Run, a cute puzzle game for both adults and kids, has been officially released recently. It is FREE now!
In the game, you must rack your brains to overcome various difficulties and obstacles in order to save the cat.
The game is easy to play. You only need to drag arrows and springs into correct positions, enabling the cat to collect all items on the way and reach the destination according to the route you set.

Kitty Run Kitty Run
Kitty Run, a cute puzzle game for both adults and kids, comes out this summer.

Moreover, the game offers dozens of cats, just choose your favorite one to start your journey.

Get your brains in gear from S (starting point) to G (gate).

* 4 different chapters with 90 stages in total.

* Create your own stage in the DIY mode and upload it to share with all players.

*Abundant items and jigsaw pieces are waiting for you to collect. Rewards will be given if you accomplish a stage with 3 stars.

*15 cats are imprisoned and you must feed fish to them so as to keep them alive. Moreover, you have to use different keys to unlock their cages and set them free. Once they are free, you can use them in the game, and each of them has its own character.

*In the game, there are a wide variety of obstacles, such as rivers, mechanisms, movable walls, fire-ejecting snakes and even electric traps, you must do your utmost to overcome them and design reasonable routes to let your cat get to the gate safely.




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