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The smartphone battle never give us a break, the Apple's iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy S4 and LG G2 are the most powerful phones in the world right now, Which? magazine tested the speeds of the latest Apple, Samsung, HTC and LG phones to see which offered the best performance. The iPhone 5S was found to be the fastest of the lot, pictured centre. LG's G2 handset, left, came second and Samsung's Galaxy S4, right, was third:


HTC's One handset was fourth, ahead of the iPhone 5C. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini was fifth,
while HTC's One Mini scored the lowest.

Which? said: 'In June of this year we found the iPhone 5 had been eclipsed and that the Samsung Galaxy S4 had seized the number one spot for processor speed. In fact the iPhone 5 languished back in 7th place.

'But Apple is back. New Which? lab tests have revealed that the recently released iPhone 5S has broken all records in our processor benchmarking tests.'

The interesting point to note with these results is that Apple's iPhone 5S has a dual-core 1.3Ghz processor. Its main rivals, including the S4, feature quad-core processors.

Quad-core processors are believed to be faster, yet having more cores doesn't necessarily increase speed. It instead increases the phone's ability to do more things at once, faster, which is a small but significant distinction.


The Which? results come from benchmarking tests using Geekbench software.
Geekbench is designed to 'replicate real-world tasks' and calculates both single core and multi-core performance, to give an indication to the phone's overall speeds.
The first score is the single core score, while the second is the multi-core score.article-2464552-18CBDC2C00000578-114_627x625

Apple iPhone 5s: 1410 (single), 2561 (multi)
LG G2: 882 (single), 2355 (multi)
Samsung Galaxy S4: 687 (single), 1939 (multi)
HTC One: 643 (single), 1805 (multi)
Apple iPhone 5C: 711 (single), 1281 (multi)
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini: 649 (single), 1135 (multi)
HTC One Mini: 477 (single), 880 (multi)
This shows that in single core tests, Apple's iPhone 5S offers more than double the performance of the S4. In multi-core tests it scored 622 more points.

This is the result, and which phone do you like to buy? Tell us your thoughts on the comments.

Via Dailymail

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