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In case you haven’t heard last November Google released a game on Android called Ingress.

The game essentially pits players on two teams that requires them to uncover clues about some mysterious new technology (a live story with new clues from Google every week) and claim local landmarks in the real world for their chosen side.

The game was initially released as a closed beta, but now has attracted hundreds of thousands of active players every month. With its success AllThingsD has learned that the game will be coming to iOS in 2014.

Ingress product manager Brandon Badger confirmed the iOS plans in an interview yesterday with AllThingsD When it 2014, however, still remains unknown. Badger couldn’t say for sure when in 2014 the iOS version of Ingress would be available.
Having never heard of the game until this point the concept certainly sounds intriguing, but I am not sure whether I could picture myself taking part in an augmented reality game requiring players to interact both online and offline. What about you? Will you play Ingress when it lands on iOS?

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