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Today, Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary is finally available in the App Store. The original game's creators Peter Liepa & Chris Gray have come together for the first time since 1984 to design levels for this new game, and there are also a few major changes over the original like ramps and diagonal movement. Check out the trailer to see it in action.

This new version of Boulder Dash both looks and plays really well. The biggest bummer about it is there is some free to play shenanigans to be aware of. So far it doesn't appear to be anything that will ruin the experience or hinder your progression, but it'll probably annoy those who get easily annoyed at free to play.

However, if you liked Boulder Dash in any of its iterations over the last three decades, I'd definitely recommend downloading and checking out Boulder Dash 30th Anniversary for free, and dropping by the forums to leave your impressions.

Via: toucharcade

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