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iOS 7 is still fairly new to most, Apple added a ton of features with a huge design change. This video shows off some tips and tricks that you may not know about IOS 7. Some of the tips have to do with the new Siri, while most are setting adjustments. If you have any another tips or tricks you want to share be sure to comment below! Not all these tips may be new to you, but be sure to watch the whole video and you figure out something new about your operating system.

1. Use siri to call back your latest missed call, “Siri return my last missed call.”

2. Timestamps | Pull to the left of the text messaging conversation to reveal time stamps.

3. Make your text size bigger  | Settings – General – Text size

4. Siri pronunciation | “Siri that is not how you say it.”

5. Refine your spotlight search | Settings – General – Spotlight search

6. Flash alerts for notifications. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and scroll down to ‘Hearing’ where ‘LED Flash for Alerts’ and turn it on.

7. Clean up the today view in the notification center. Settings > Notification Center

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