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iOS 6 hasn’t exactly had a smooth launch. Numerous bugs involving everything from WiFi,iCloud App Store interaction and more have cropped up. These could be ended by a new update of iOS 6 due to out in about two weeks, according to Gadgetsteria's source. The information was made available at an Apple event for a certain carrier.

    "On tap in the unnumbered (so far) update are big upgrades for Siri – Specifically speed and accuracy – as well as more/deeper social integration. As far as social integration goes, the source said that specifics of exactly what the deeper social integration might be wasn’t divulged.   

     We’re tad bit skeptical of the two week claim seeing as how a beta hasn’t even been issued yet. And while Apple has pushed out minor updates in the past relatively quickly (4.3.5 anyone?), they’ve been more critical security fixes (like patching jailbreakme.com exploits). For something that is seemingly as large/important as Siri improvements and better/deeper social integration (perhaps tied in with Siri), we’d think Apple would publicly test it with a public beta for at least a few days. That said, there is the possibility that this iPad mini we keep hearing (and seeing) about could launch with the new OS (maybe 6.1 or 6.0.1) and then an official rollout to other devices would follow in the not too distant future. Such a release plan wouldn’t fall into the “two week” schedule we’re being told. And ultimately, there is still time for Apple to release a beta this week and have 1-2 weeks of testing. Although, launching a big iOS 6.1 update would look great alongside a new iPad mini launch as well – something that just so happens to be around the corner. "

We will keep you updated, as well as the jailbreak state.


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