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The highly anticipated expansion for Galaxy on Fire 2, Supernova was delayed for quite some time as promised, but anyway it's here now. The expansion costs $6.99 in-game, and the whole game sells $9.99 in the App store, as well join our giveaway event, you can get it for free from Pandaapp.

Supernova adds at least 10 additional hours to an already feature-packed experience. You'll receive eight new ships, an untold number of weapons/power-ups/commodities, new mission types (bounty hunting, hacking), seven new star systems, new capital ships and a new story that centers on the Mido Confederation's desperate attempt to survive amid a devastating supernova.

"All in all, we have put more than give man-years of work into the new Supernova expansion and we really managed to enhance every single aspect of the game," says Michael Schade, CEO of Fishlabs Entertainment. "The new add-on is bigger, better and more spectacular than anything you've ever seen in the Galaxy on Fire universe and we're sure that the fans will really enjoy Supernova's epic story line as well as its vast number of new space ships, power-ups and gameplay features. Even though we offer the title as an add-on available via in-app purchase, Supernova is so deep and complex that it rather feels like a sequel than an expansion."

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What's New in Version 1.1.7

• An epic new storyline with more than 10 hours of action-packed sci-fi gameplay
• Eight new spaceships (incl. Most Wanted Ships)
• Dozens of new weapons, power-ups and commodities (incl. cluster missiles and gamma shields)
• New mission types and gameplay modes (e.g. bounty hunting, plasma collecting, hacking)
• Seven new star systems (incl. the spectacular Supernova systems)
• New capital ships and structures (e.g. Vossk Battlecruiser and Mido Mining Plant)

• New arcade mode “Supernova Challenge” incl. iOS6 support
• Six special ships (only available for owners of the Kaamo Club)
• One retro ship (the legendary Gryphon from the original GOF)
• Possibility to modify the stats and capabilities of your spaceships
• Kaamo Club VIP Card (for exclusive discounts on all Kaamo-Offers)
• Four new primary weapons
• Nine new achievements
• Complete German voice-over
• Minor bugfixes and enhancements

• “Volatile Goods”-Bug fixed: The game no longer crashes if you don’t have a booster installed and attempt to leave an orbit with volatile goods (toad mutagen, red plasma) in your cargo space
• “Failed IAP”-Bug fixed: A failed in-app purchase or restore directly after the game has been started no longer causes the app to crash
• “Supernova Start”-Bug fixed: The Supernova campaign does now start as intended on all devices and hardware configurations
• “Action Freeze”-Bug fixed: The Action Freeze tool does no longer produce black images on iOS6
• “Stealth Fighter“-Bug fixed: The game no longer crashes when you activate the Specter’s or Scimitar’s cloaking device
• The remaining toad mutagen can now be sold after you’ve finished the respective mission
• The Ion Lambda MK I missile does now appear more often in the hangars of the space stations
• Chromo Plasma and Pandora Leech can no longer be built in systems without a jump gate
• The Specter is now available in all difficulties. However, if you don’t play on “Extreme”, you will have to finish the Supernova campaign AND collect all gold medals in order to be able to purchase the Specter
• Minor bugfixes and improvements to the game’s visuals and performance

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD Galaxy on Fire 2 HD
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