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Image via modmyi

As all we know now, the iPhone 5 has a taller screen, based on the fact,  The Verge has created a beautiful concept showing a nice and creation app switcher on the taller iPhone 5. Take a look.

The app switcher now displays elongated card-like icons that serve as a visual representation of their respective app.

The playback controls page, accessible by swiping to the right, now shows more information about the media playing than before, while also sporting improved playback buttons (inspired by the new music app's player design).

The settings page (two swipes right), previously known as 'the useless volume slider' page, now features a useful brightness slider as well as settings toggles which, like the brightness slider, can be used as shortcuts to enable and disable system functions, previously only accessible through the settings app.

To put things into perspective, below is a side-by-side comparison of the iPhone 5 concept next to the existing iPhone 4S App Switcher:


Perhaps in the future a jailbreak tweak can bring these ideas to life, but first we have to have a jailbreak for the iPhone 5...

Source theverge via modmyi

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