Apple With And Without Steve Jobs, An Infographic

Allen Phoenix
An interesting infographic has emerged that looks at Apple’s highs and lows in the context of its relationship with CEO Steve Jobs. The graph suggests Apple’s future will be bright even without Jobs at the helm, according to The Next Web.

It’s no secret that Jobs’ days at Apple are numbered. The Apple CEO has left the company temporarily numerous times due to medical issues. Therefore, it should come to no surprise that many are planning for the day when Apple will no longer have its innovative leader.

To look forward, however, sometimes you need to look to the past, as this infographic does here.

The graph, created and designed by Online College Resource, includes three sections, including:

  • Apple With & Without Steve Jobs
  • Steve Jobs’ Leave of Absence
  • Apple University

This is an interesting infographic that shows the ups and downs of Apple’s fortunes in the context of its relationship with CEO Steve Jobs. It’s unsurprising to see that the company’s stocks have closely mirrored Jobs’ health woes and periods spent away from the company, but regardless, the trend is still up and up.

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