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Recently CNN and M.I.C talked about the rising Chinese smartphones. CNN has requested M.I.C to bring 3 Chinese smartphones brands to their show. Meizu, Xiaomi and OPPO have been hand-picked by the producer. CNN has provided the lastest Apple’s iPhone 5 for some comparison. During the iPhone 5 announcment event, Apple was calling their new handset the world’s thinnest smartphone, measured at 7.6mm thick. Well, it showed that Apple has not done too much homework on this. Chinese manufacturer OPPO has their flagship smartphone measured at 6.65 millimeters thin, that is about 1mm thinner than the iPhone 5. While we were on the CNN show, we have shown and present how thin is the Chinese Android phone while comparing to the iPhone 5 …

China is forecast to overtake the U.S. in smartphone shipments and become the world’s leading smartphone market this year. China smartphone market has been partly fueled by the demand for lower-cost handsets. Three of the top five smartphones sold in China are local Chinese brands. They all outsell Apple’s iPhone in China. Meizu, Xiaomi and OPPO, the new kids on the block, are climbing up fast at the value chain — not so high as to angle for the top tier of the market with Apple and Samsung, but right in the middle. Most of these China’s sleekest smartphones are only available in China. Xiaomi company have just released an engineering version of their Xiaomi Phone 2, but they seem like having not enough confident to loan us their beta handset for this CNN interview.  M.I.C still manage to get the Xiaomi Phone 2 from their own source, and brought the phone to CNN for an international appearance. OPPO and Meizu, they are kind enough to loan  M.I.C their devices.

Meizu MX 4 core, Xiaomi Phone 2 and OPPO Finder visited CNN.

OPPO smartphone has unexpectedly became the show-stopper for this short interview. Apple said that iPhone is the world’s thinnest smartphone, but CNN has let us compared the iPhone 5 with OPPO Finder, showing the US$400 Android-powered phone is amazingly thinner than the iPhone 5. The footage looked astonishing while doing the side-by-side comparison. Too bad, Apple has lost to the Chinese makers. We watched the CNN show through cable TV and recorded the footage using our smartphone just for reference. OPPO Finder vs. iPhone 5 has been aired more than 10 second for the broadcasting, just to compare which is the thinnest smartphone. Later of the day, CNN has released their online version of the interview, but the thickness comparison for both handset has not included.

Apple claimed that iPhone 5 is the thinnest smartphone in the world … Are you sure ?

Here is what CNN host Kristie Lu Stout said about Meizu and Xiaomi phone:

Meizu was formerly the coveted smartphone brand in China, but that mantle has passed on to Xiaomi which — like Apple — masterfully markets its technology like a lifestyle.

Xiaomi is the smartphone cult hero in China with its intensely loyal fans who adore the company’s charismatic founder, Lei Jun, and the brand’s distinctive style.

Bottom line — in China today, it’s cool to have a Xiaomi phone.



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