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Although we are all iPhone lovers, our friends might not be however, they may prefer to a Android or BlackBerry phone. Then a difficulty came up between iOS and other platform. Is there an Instant Messaging app to send free messages to other phones? The answer is KakaoTalk Messenger.

KakaoTalk Messenger is an SMS alternative for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry. One of it’s distinguishing features from similar apps is that it allows you to set a passcode on the app that must be entered every time you open KakaoTalk.

Some other features include group messaging, multimedia sharing, English, Spanish, Japanese and Korean support, and custom backgrounds.

As of now, the BlackBerry version for KakaoTalk is under beta, but it’s a public beta, so anyone can download it. Just keep in mind that there are probably some kinks that are still being worked out.

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KakaoTalk Messenger is now on iTunes free now, we will update it soon.


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