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Blockado Jungle is a puzzle game for casual and advanced players, but beware: highly addictive! However, it is easy to learn but hard to master.

In short, Blockado Jungle is a modernised, fully-featured tribute to the much-loved board game, Rush Hour. Though the iOS has already seen its fair share of titles trying to emulate the block-sliding puzzler, including Unblock Me, none are more engaging and aesthetically pleasing as Bitfield’s latest release.

The core game features 70 puzzles in total, 40 of which are scattered across four maps in Blockado’s “Adventure Mode.” Here, players are tasked with trekking across the jungle in order to recover ancient artifacts. Each map consists of ten inter-linking checkpoints which are represented with puzzles which also branch off into a small cluster of “hard” challenges. Outside of Adventure Mode, another 30 bonus puzzles are available and it doesn’t stop there. Blockado also features a “Puzzle Scanner;” across various outlets (including our own) and Bitfield’s own designated web space, players can use the camera on their iOS device to scan a code and unlock even more challenges. Did we also mention that fans can also create their own levels online and share them with the Blockado community?

One of the game’s strongest assets is without doubt its full-3D visual appeal. Though fairly basic, the jungle background brings with it a certain atmospheric element, Blockado also allowing players to rotate the in-game camera angle however they want. By the time you get sick of the tropical setting, it’s likely that Bitfield will have already launched Blockado Desert, Mountain and Deep Sea.

The price just dropped to Free on iTunes, you can download it right now for a try. If you passed it through, welcome to share us the passthrough with us in our forum.


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