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Endless Road is dark and challenging endless running game from developer ERIC FENG. Player should keep swiping forward with the weapon in hand, and jumping to avoid enemies and killing barriers. The game sets all the elements in striking black and white graphics, except the fighting moment, that do create a lot of thrills and excitement!

Horizontal auto-runner, with very classic style and very simple on control. All through the road, you just touch three areas to jump, to attack and to activate the shield. There are three warriors to summon, you can only start with the female warrior, and then you collect the enough coins to unlock new warriors. Although whole game is lack of colors, but graphics are really sharp, and the action effects pretty beautiful. The developer designed a lot gestures for the warriors, the offers a lot realistic and stimulating experience. The sound effect is pretty good as the graphics. Classic sound track and the crisp sound of weapons bring a wonderful tense feel to the 2D game.

As the developer notes: “easy operation, easy to play but still need more practice to run further distance,” you always killed by inescapable enemies. You have to pay attention to the distance with the upcoming enemies when you are running and collecting coins, or you would have killed by the enemies’ weapons before you unfold yours. That’s something of my complaint, that the range of the weapons attack is quite limited when you are in a low speed, so you’d better keep in a high speed. Hem, this game really exercises your response.

When you got enough coins, you can exchange them for shields, which can protect you from one attack. When you got first jump, jump again, you will get higher. It would be extremely more powerful if you launch attack in the air. And what I love most is the moment your sword get through a row of enemies, your will reach a unbelievable speed, and even sometimes make you skip over some short trenches.

But Endless Road gets somewhat repetitive, the same backgrounds and the same arrangement of the enemies repeatedly show up in a short distance. That’s kind of boring, it’s unlike Temple Run, you got left and right to go, in Endless Road you have only one direction, you will get tied soon if the same stuffs keep show on the screen.

Overall speaking, Endless Road is wonderful endless auto-runner genre, a ninja style of Temple Run. The individuality graphic style plus nice soundtrack creates an excellent stimulating experience. Only I hope the developer will give a nice update to the repeatedly background and enemies before get tired with the game.

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Endless Road! Endless Road!
The evil wizard BlackMist stole all the color of the world and left only black and white. We have to embark on the endless road to defeat the enemies, and retake the colorful world.

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