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An Indiana couple have developed an app that they say lets the spirit world communicate with the living one and gives the dead a voice - through the medium of iPhone.

Ghost hunters Roger Pingleton and Jill Beitz, of Greenwood, created Spirit Story Box which claims to translate supernatural electricity into English words.

The Spirit Story Box app picks up changes in random electrical noise to select words from a pre-programmed vocabulary.

When the app hits on something, it comes out of the iPhone as a spoken word.

Some paranormal investigators think the spirits can manipulate random streams of data.

Scientists, of course, denounce the idea.

The app, like myriad other devices that claim to detect or communicate with spirits, cannot be proven to work.

Pingleton said his goal was to improve on other paranormal apps for the iPhone. 'Bottom line is we wanted people to have fun with it,' he told The Indianapolis Star. In developing the Spirit Story Box app (99 cents to download at the Apple app store; there is no Android version)

So, never take things of that seriously I guess.


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