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Last week, Apple finally replaced the iPhone 5 with a new premium iPhone, the iPhone 5s. The iPhone 5s went on sale at midnight on Friday and almost immediately, there were problems. Not with Apple’s website or with orders but with the gold iPhone 5s which sold out almost immediately online and in-stores with shipping dates now pushed to October.

If you are considering to purchase a gold iPhone 5S, here are sone tips may help. Check them out.

Using a Case? Don’t Wait

While we shouldn’t have to say this, it’s still warrants a mention. Those that are planning on using a case with their gold iPhone 5s shouldn’t be waiting for the gold iPhone 5s. Cases typically cover up the back of the phone and thus, there is no real reason to be waiting until October or November for a phone that is going to be covered up with an OtterBox case that is sitting around the house.

Silver and gray are perfectly good options as well and they aren’t facing the same supply issues as the gold iPhone 5s. While the iPhone 5s can be used without a case, many people work in conditions that require one and if that’s the case, there really is no point in waiting around.

Order Now

Those that have decided on the gold iPhone 5s, and nothing but the gold iPhone 5s, should just get the ordering process out of the way. For one, it’s far less painful than having to call around to various stores on a daily basis to check for stock. Instead, users can simply order the phone from the comfort of their own home, wait a few weeks, get a tracking number and get the gold iPhone 5s. It’s a process that works out quite nicely, it just requires a bit of patience.

Second, it’s possible that shipping times could get worse before they get better so it would be wise to simply put in an order for the gold iPhone 5s now, just in case Apple Stores and carrier stores don’t get gold iPhone 5s stock in as quickly as they would have liked.

This is the stress-free, worry-free option and it guarantees a gold iPhone 5s at some point down the road. It’s highly recommended.

Anticipate Getting It Quicker Than Advertised

Carriers like AT&T and Verizon are showing extremely long waits for the gold iPhone 5s. Apple itself doesn’t expect to start shipping the iPhone 5s again until October. And while there is a chance that these shipping times are one hundred percent accurate, there is also a chance that stock will come in earlier than expected.

There is a reason AT&T issues broad shipping times. There is a reason why Verizon uses a “ship by” date. There is a reason why Apple issued a broad “October” shipping date for the gold iPhone 5s. It’s because they aren’t exactly sure when devices will be shipping out.

What we know is this. In the past, Apple and its carriers have worked to get devices out far sooner than their expected shipping dates. And with Apple in the process of speeding up gold iPhone 5s production to meet demand, we wouldn’t be surprised if Apple and its carriers are able to start getting the gold iPhone 5s far earlier than anyone anticipates.

This goes back to what we said about ordering now. While a carrier like AT&T may be showing a lengthy wait, it’s entirely possible that it will ship the iPhone 5s out much sooner than that. It won’t know ahead of time so don’t bother asking customer service reps.

eBay Premiums Aren’t Worth It

Recently, someone paid $10,000 real dollars for a gold iPhone 5s. That’s at the high end of the spectrum. There are also gold iPhone 5s models on eBay selling in the low thousands. Simply put, save the money.

Again, Apple will be working hard to get the gold iPhone 5s back on track and we expect that the device will be in stock in just a few weeks. And once Apple gets it back in stock, shipping times will continue to ease until they are on par with the silver and gray models. At the worst, we anticipate a month long wait for some people.

For some, it may be worth thousands to get the gold iPhone 5s earlier than that. For most people, it will be worth saving the thousand bucks and waiting a few weeks to pay $200.
Don’t Be Afraid to Check Around

While the gold iPhone 5s might be sold out just about everywhere, we did stumble into one Apple Store in Ohio that currently has the gold iPhone 5s in stock, though, they are only getting the 64GB gold iPhone 5s, the most expensive model.

Point is, don’t be afraid to check around either before or after you place an order for the gold iPhone 5s. There might be a rogue Verizon store that happens upon a few gold iPhone 5s models by chance. The chances aren’t great and we recommend putting in a call first, but there are definitely going to be some success stories out there.

Check Apple First

That said, gold iPhone 5s buyers should check Apple Stores first. These are likely to be the stores that get gold iPhone 5s stock first and they are more likely to be the stores that have a rogue gold iPhone 5s or two in the next few weeks.

We recommend calling ahead though those in the neighborhood may simply want to stop and go check and see. Who knows, there may just be a gold iPhone 5s on hand, well ahead of the current October shipping date.

Don’t Do Anything Drastic

The wait may be a little painful but don’t do anything drastic. What we mean is, buyers shouldn’t switch carriers all around just to get the gold iPhone 5s. Carriers will likely get stock in before others, but buyers should resist the temptation.It’s not worth it. It would also be unwise to get out of an unlimited plan with the likes of AT&T or Verizon in order to pick up a gold iPhone 5s. It’s not worth the hassle.


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