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Foursaken Media just update Bug Heroes Quest to version 1.1.1. Instead of sticking to the winning formula of the original, however, Quest sports a unique style of play that places an emphasis on the exploring and adventure aspects of the game. So how does Quest match up to its esteemed predecessor? Quite well, as a matter of fact.

Like the original Bug Heroes, we're impressed by the game's striking visuals, soundtrack, challenging nature, and replay value. Overall, we're not too surprised that Foursaken Media has again succeeded at creating a another excellent game while maintaining the feel and satisfying user experience of the original Bug Heroes. Whether you're an old fan or only have only recently considered giving the Bug Heroes franchise a shot, we doubt you'll be disappointed.

Bug Heroes Quest is free now on iTunest. However the developers might change their mind in every minute, don't worry, Pandaapp download center will follow up this update soon.


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