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Peter Chao, a controversial comedian from Surrey, British Columbia, has posted a new YouTube video in which he attempts to purchase an iPhone 5.

CBC provides a brief bio on the comedian. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Peter Chao immigrated to Canada on the order of his mother.

Although ordered by his mother to attend school and study hard, Chao decided to pursue YouTube. He started off making a video response to another popular YouTuber by the name of "MrChiCity3". The video was so funny that it was favorited by Chi and the opportunity to grow quickly became possible. In late 2009, Peter Chao exploded onto the internet with a mulititude of videos that were hilarious, yet extremely controversial. One video that poked fun at African-American stereotypes was banned and in result, Peter's channel was indefinitely suspended for two weeks. Peter Chao returned with a bang after the two weeks with a huge following in subscribers pining for more.

Take a look at the video below. The video may contain NSFW content.

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