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Here are the TOP 10 of the week.

10. Sticky Linky

It’s as simple as that which is the reason why Sticky Linky is quite compelling. It’s an enjoyable ‘switch your brain off and rely on instincts’ kind of title. There are certain elements of strategy within. For instance, players only have a certain number of moves to achieve their goal. While there are mana potions to be found (or bought with an in-app purchase), they’re frequently limited and often challenging to acquire. Other tactical manoeuvres come in the form of appreciating the effects of gravity which can make a big difference. Familiar Match Three tropes such as frozen blocks and blocks that clear large areas also appear to maintain the steady pace.


 Test your match-two/three skills with this whacky, super unique puzzler that will have you playing for hours! Sticky Linky is anything but ordinary, and it breaks all the boundaries of the usual match-two/three game. Try your hand at this extremely addictive, completely new experience today!

 Match a cluster of five or more colored globs to turn them into funny faces, and match the created faces to globs of the same color to collect them! This is the premise, collect all the colored heads to pass the level! Watch as the towers of goo sway back and forth, and strategically remove globs and use the physics to create new chains! Play through a ton of levels, two different game modes, and enjoy the game on any device! It's time to play Sticky Linky today!

 ◇ 78 challenging levels
 ◇ 2 amazing game modes (Classic & Zen Mode)
 ◇ 5 unique and colorful glob characters!
 ◇ Universal Build
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