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As the launch of iOS 6 a batch of jailbreak tweaks would be replaced offical features of the new firmware. But I still believe jailbreak tweaks will still have their space to exist to develop, because there is no perfect system. iOS 6 is going to released to public on September 19, so there is no a lot jailbreak tweaks floated up over these two week, but last week we did see some creative ones. Take a look what's new at the last week before the iOS 6 comes.

1. Smart Ringer - $0.99

Smart Ringer is a new jailbreak tweak by iOS developer dmarinov that allows you to confirm whether or not you meant to enable silent mode via the hardware switch at the side of the device. The tweak adds a software fail-safe, so that if a pocket lint loop ends up being strong enough to grab hold of your ringer/silent switch and flips it by mistake, the device will not enter silent mode. It also works for other situations where the switch my be unintentionally switched. The confirmation comes up on the screen asking you to slide the slider to confirm you want to be in silent mode. If you don’t slide the slider, the phone will ring regardless of the switch’s position. This tweak is great for keeping you from accidentally missing important calls.

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2. Quantum - FREE

Quantum is a new free jailbreak tweak from iOS developer Sirifl0w. The tweak gives the user the ability to change the font of the iOS 5 notification banner content and titles. There are several different fonts to choose from and you can mix and match fonts between the title and the banner content. You will have to respring for each change to take effect, but it’s a great way to customize your device so it doesn’t look exactly the same as your friend’s iPhone.

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3. Xpandr 2 - FREE

There’s quite a great chance you’ve never heard of Xpandr. It’s a bit of an old-school tweak which kind of died off after the release of iOS 5. However the developer has just released Xpandr 2, which comes with full iOS 5 support as well as as a host of nifty new features.  Xpandr is a productivity tweak, which allows you to use the in build shortcut functionality in iOS more effectively. It does this by improving how it works, as well as allowing shortcuts to work system wide. Be sure to check out the video below to see how it functions.

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4. Privata - FREE

Privata is a new free jailbreak tweak by iOS developers Rudolf Lichtner and Ravirajm. Privata allows the user to enable and disable private brosing right from the Mobile Safari Web browser without the need to dig into the Settings application and fiddle around with the preferences. This quick little toggle adds a whole lot of convenience to the use of Mobile Safari. The toggle is located right inside the share button menu at the bottom of the list. If you just need to keep your browsing history a secret from someone, this is a tweak you have to grab.

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5. YTOpener - FREE

YTOpener is a new free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer thekirbylover. With this tweak, you will be able to launch YouTube links with Google’s new YouTube application, which was made available in the App Store for free. The new YouTube application is much better than Apple’s stock YouTube application and the tweak will continue to be useful throughout iOS 6, as Apple has removed their YouTube application from the operating system, forcing all YouTube links to open up in Mobile Safari. Trust us – YouTube is not as fluid and gorgeous from Mobile Safari as Google’s new YouTube application is. If you’re a YouTube addict, you need this tweak.

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6. Jitter Launch  - FREE

Jitter Launch is the kind of tweak which you can download, but you’ll never REALLY need. It’s the kind of thing that’s nice that it’s there, but not really something you’ll think ‘I wish I had that’ when it’s not. Funnily enough, many applications fit into this category too. Jitter Launch let’s you launch applications when in jitter mode, as opposed to them essentially being untappable. Take a look at the video below to see how this works:

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