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Kimmel’s crew took to the streets in order to showcase the new "iPhone 5" to passers by, but it was in fact, of course, not really the iPhone 5, but the iPhone 4S. Could the average consumer really tell the difference between a new iPhone and an old one? Whilst Kimmel’s research is used for comedic effect – thus not particularly reliable – there were still plenty of folk who believed the iPhone 4S was "better," "faster," and "lighter" than.. the iPhone 4S.

Some of those questioned looked a little, shall we say, outside of the tech loop, but one individual – who was himself an iPhone 4S owner – was adamant the device passed to him was lighter than his own device. Little did he know they were both exactly the same.

Whilst we all chuckle at the foolish iPhone fans, the video does highlight how much of a hold mass consumerism has on many of us. Do a lot of us just upgrade blindly, completely sucked in by a swirling vortex of adjectives, numbers and meager modifications?

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