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If you missed Apple's event yesterday, we have got it wrapped up in the image. Excuse my translation, please.

There were a lot of complaints after Apple’s iPhone event yesterday. Particularly, the iPhone 5c is not cheap at all. Well, if you’re looking for an even cheaper iPhone, with even fewer features, look no further! Introducing the iPhone 5f ($24.99): Apple’s cheapest iPhone yet. And, don’t worry, this time Apple has sacrificed quality to bring you a ridiculously affordable model. Via Funny Or Die

The (un)official iPhone 5S keynote movie-like trailer is also brilliant, starring Tim Cook, Jony Ive and Phil Schiller.

And we have Andy Media’s take on the gold iPhone 5S commercial.

Yo Tim Can You Help Me Collect People’s Fingerprints  --- The story behind iPhone 5S's fingerpirnt feature.

Jailbroken iPhone 5S

"The new iPhone 5S provides unmatched security with its new Fingerprint lock…"


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