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Activision has unexpectedly released Call of Duty: Strike Team to mobile. It's an intense action deployment in this latest mobile entry of the hit first and third-person shooter! 3-D graphics, cinematic campaign and extra challenging survival play modes, plus Game Center achievements, enjoy all of these!

While much of the pistol-packing fun remains quite similar to previous mission executions, there are a couple of new tools available for your enemy eliminating pleasure. First off, loadouts, which are custom equipment setups that make it easier to switch weapon and other gear configurations for different situations. Speaking of switching, the second beneficial item is the easy access viewpoint change. During most moments of play, you can choose between the more accurate target acquiring first-person perspective or the better environment and team overview third-person camera.


"There's a lot to love with Strike Team, but I think the most important thing it nails is that simple feeling of playing a Call of Duty game. Levels are filled with explosions, story cutscenes mimic the console feel, and there's enough variety in locations to showcase the nice visual engine. Sure, the FPS controls are little tough, but a host of control options along with optional auto-aim go a long way towards assisting players when popping baddies. Otherwise, this really is a Call of Duty game miniaturized for mobile devices with a pretty awesome tactical mode included. Multiplayer is the one aspect sorely missing, but if future Call of Duty games manage to incorporate it, Gameloft's gonna have a lot to worry about." --- TouchArcade 4.5/5

"Ultimately, Call of Duty: Strike Team is another fumbling, clumsy touchscreen shooter for iOS, but with a truly interesting and enjoyable real-time strategy game available at the touch of a button.

Sure, this mode is about as deep as a paddling pool and littered with annoyances and nuisance limitations, but it's often a lot of fun and will keep you engaged through the game's generous campaign." --- Pocket Gamer UK 7/10

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Call of Duty®: Strike Team Call of Duty®: Strike Team
Call of Duty®: Strike Team delivers an all-new, first-person and third-person Call of Duty® experience built from the ground up for mobile and tablet devices.

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