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Just yesterday iFixit CEO found there was something new at the recently leaked photos of the alleged iPhone 5S Home button, like the title said the iPhone 5S would likely to have fingerprint scanner:


It looks like the home button will still have a physical clicking action to it still like the 4, 4S and 5. The additional square section next the the button is something new and probably suggests a fingerprint sensor given all the rumor wire chatter on how Apple is expected to add that feature. It looks like that part of the cable flips over the button and sits between the clicking action and the plastic button cover.

So I’d say yes, these photos, if legitimate, corroborate the fingerprint rumors

When all the smartphone manufacturer are trying to make their flagship phone bigger and faster, Apple seems still not hurry to follow their step, so what Apple gets on new iPhone to beat these monster? Maybe the answer is its revolutionary fingerprint scanner. It’s not surprise to see the fingerprint technology used on iPhone 5S, just in last July, Apple had acquired fingerprint sensor patent from AuthenTec [AuthenTec is a leading provider of mobile and network security].  According to the website patentlyapple:

Apple's interest in fingerprint scanners for the iPhone and Mac first surfaced in a 2009 patent application. Apple's project was then advanced in 2012 illustrating that a fingerprint scanner could be combined with face or eye recognition (or Retina recognition) to enhance security needs. Then in May of this year, Apple revealed yet another patent filing describing a fingerprint scanner that could be concealed beneath a touchscreen and only surface when needed in a particular application. One of Apple's last patent filings on this subject matter revealed that a fingerprint scanner could also be hidden within a future MacBook or an iDevice bezel. Apple appears to be covering every conceivable application for a future fingerprint scanner.

As we know Fingerprint sensing and matching has been widely used on the different areas for personal identification and verification. So if the rumor is real, apple will change the way we normally unlock the iPhone, iPad and even iMac, the security of our phones will be much easier and come with more humanity. We still can’t say fingerprint scanner will make iPhone sell grows, but like always, Apple always thinks different, and does not follow others, just let its rivals follow Apple. So what’s the next?

Apple is always creative and different, that’s why Apple can lead the trends, like siri, when siri comes out, and after months, all the Android and Windows phone phone packed the siri-like assistant, that’s what we’re talking about Apple does the next thing, so if the fingerprint scanner is real, no doubt, all the other phones, tablet even the laptops will have the different fingerprint scanners, and we can tell the fingerprint scanner makers like Nitgen.inc[AV concept (00595.HK) HoldS the 35.94% shares of  Nitgen ], Precise, Gemalto and Morpho technology companies will greatly benefit from this new widely used technology in the short future.

via patentlyapple

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