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A newly leaked video purports to show an 'iPhone 5' prototype with a solid matte back.And totally different the prototype leaked before.

Hey everyone, I'm Chris. In this video I present an iPhone 5 prototype I received anonymous source from year to my iPhone 4S in white.

What's new?
- Back: No longer reflective glass, Apple has replaced it with a matte black aluminum
- Larger Display: The prototype is about half an inch longer than the 4s, meaning the screen size has increased (poor devs!).
- Headphone jack: The audio port is no longer on the top together with the hold button, it's moved to the bottom, next to the two speakers (or one speaker and one microphone?).
- Front facing camera: The front facing camera is now placed above the ear speaker, in the center of the iPhone.
- Dock connector: The dock connector on the prototype is smaller as well, it's now about half the size of the current dock connector.

Unlike previous leaks the device is turned on to show the Connect to iTunes icon; however, the general consensus is that this another dummy unit presented with some good video editing. Despite that, it does give us a good idea of what the design would look like with a solid back as opposed to the two tone back widely seen.

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