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★ Septemper lets go travel! Maplets get all the maps you need for the long weekend

★ The most comprehensive map app on the app store, with over 5000 maps in the US and worldwide including Yosemite, New York Subway, London Tube, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, State Parks, and more!

★ Featured by Apple in 'Apps for the Great Outdoors'

Maplets is the perfect compliment to Google Maps: You can download and store maps of national parks, state parks, metro, subway, bike maps, ski resorts, college campuses, zoos, theme parks and more! In addition, this is an iPhone and iPad universal app so there's no need to purchase the app separately for all your devices.

You do not need to purchase the more specific maplets apps such as Bike Maps or Metro Maps if you already own the full version. Maplets has access to the entire database of maps.

Please visit http://www.mobilemaplets.com/places to see a list of all available maps. Here are some examples:

1000+ National and State Parks, including:
➔ Yosemite National Park
➔ Yellowstone National Park
➔ Grand Canyon National Park
... in fact, ALL the US National Parks, National Monuments, National Seashores are available
➔ State Parks in every state
➔ Local parks such as Central Park, Prospect Park, Griffith Park …

300+ Metro, Subway, Bus and Train system maps
➔ New York City Subway
➔ London Tube Map
➔ Paris Metro
➔ San Francisco Muni
➔ Washington Metro
… and many more!

500+ maps for bike routes, rail trails, ATV, OHV or snowmobiling, including:
➔ San Francisco Bike Map
➔ Portland Bike Maps
➔ St Louis Bike Map
➔ Washington DC Bike Map
➔ Many rail trail maps
… and much more!

And then there are SKI RESORTS, UNIVERSITY CAMPUSES, ZOOS, THEME PARKS … There are just too many maps to list!

✔ Every map download is free, with a continually updated source of maps.
✔ High Resolution – Maps can be as high resolution as 10000x10000
✔ Fast Display – Much faster than viewing the equivalent PDFs on iPhones and iPads
✔ Once maps are downloaded, they are stored on the device for quick access even if you have slow or no internet connection at the location.
✔ GPS location for supported maps (see website for complete list)
✔ The app remembers the last map you used and what you were looking at
✔ Notification of new map updates
✔ Hotlinks to get up-to-date information such as weather, snow report. Requires live internet connection.

What's new in Version 2.1

- Heading display on supported devices and maps
- Places and Spots now support linked PDF documents for offline references to timetables, trail guides, and more
- iPad: Button to show map view (with pins) in full screen
- If a map has several layers, you now have the option to switch to that layer
- GPS Button in map view now toggles GPS on or off
- Size information is displayed for places during edit mode, in location textfield


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