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We have reported early iPhone 5 cases before, but now there things are “now everywhere” in China. Chinese case manufacturers are confident enough in the leaked designs that they are starting to mass produce these cases. Today, all types of iPhone 5 cases are flooding the market, and we have a new gallery of these case designs. Only an iPhone that is as thin as an iPod touch could fit in these cases perfectly.
The cases are available on Chinese trade site Alibaba.com, and the wholesale market in Shenzhen. They come in various colors and material. They allegedly revealed some design clues regarding the upcoming iPhone 5. In addition to being wider and longer, the cases show the mute switch being moved to the opposite side of the device, and the form factor being tapered into a slight “teardrop” design with rounded edges. So, what will the iPhone 5 look like? Here's our guess: As thin as the iPod touch. An aluminum back like the iPad 2. A bigger screen.
via micgadget via alibaba
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