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10. Plicplic

PlicPlic is a vertically-scrolling action game featuring an umbrella that wants to reach the stars (thin atmosphere be darned). You must help PlicPlic the parasol slalom around birds, raindrops, and jabs of lightning as he climbs ever-upwards, past towns and above mountains.


 Let's fly!
 Help get PlicPlic, the little umbrella, high enough to discover new lands and try for a new highscore!
 Rush to the stars, slalom through the storms, and avoid the birds!

 Priority to fun. With a simple and original gameplay, discover a new way of playing: you won't get enough of surfing the wind!

 Main features:
 - Gorgeous graphics.
 - Innovative and super fun gameplay.
 - More than 50 objectives to multiply your score.
 - Collect coins and use them to unlock powerups and beat your score.


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