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CocoaNuts has released today the highly anticipated Celeste 2 Bluetooth file sharing software for iOS devices.

Celeste 2 works differently under the hood than the original Celeste Bluetooth Sharing. It takes advantage of Apple’s own Bluetooth Stack, which is a great feature. Because it relies on something of Apple’s rather than something of the jailbreak community, the software may also already be compatible with iOS 7 out of the box, but more testing will have to be conducted when a jailbreak is released for iOS 7 to verify this.

Celeste 2 offers a number of features, like Notification Center support, iOS 6 share menu support, Action Menu support, and more. Celeste 2 also works from a variety of applications, like Photos, Music, iBooks, Safari, and more. The integration with Safari, which wasn’t covered in our initial review because it was just added to the application recently while in beta, allows the user to send a Web link over Bluetooth so they can read the Web page on another device.

Celeste 2 is a free upgrade for existing owners of Celeste Bluetooth Sharing, and will be on sale for $6.99 until September 15th for new customers before returning to $9.99 when the sale ends. Celeste 2 is available in Cydia via BigBoss repo…

How to Use Celeste 2:
● Photos: View a photo, tap the share icon button, and select "Send with Celeste."
● Notes: View a note, tap the share icon button, and select "Send with Celeste."
● iPod/Music: View any list of songs, tap and hold a song, and select "Send".
● iBooks: When viewing PDFs in "shelf" mode: pull down to see options, tap "list" mode, tap and hold an item, and select "Send."
● Ringtones: In Setttings->Sounds->Ringtone: hold an item and select "Send."
● Contacts: View a contact, tap "Share Contact," and select "Celeste Bluetooth."
● Voice Memos: Select a memo, tap the blue "Share" button, and select "Celeste Bluetooth."
● Safari:Tap share icon to send a text file with the current URL.
● Dropbox: Go to 'Favorites', swipe file to right, tap the "Share" button, and select "Celeste Bluetooth".
● DisplayRecorder:Just select a recording and then tap on "Send via Bluetooth.

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