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This year's Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships were held in the Finnish city of Savonlinna on Saturday, organizers said on the event's official website.

Participants competed in two disciplines; the traditional over the shoulder throw, for which the longest throw wins and, freestyle, in which contestants are awarded points "for aesthetics and creative choreographics."

The longest mobile phone men's throw was 97.73 meters,  with the women achieving a maximum of 40.4 meters. The freestyle competition was won by Erika Vilpponen, who threw a phone while riding a circus bike.

The first such competition was held in Savonlinna 13 years ago.

Organizers describe mobile phone throwing as the "only sport where you can pay back all the frustrations and disappointments caused by this modern equipment".

Phones weighing from 220 to 400 grams are allowed for the competition. Only one attempt is permitted.

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