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There are still some more days we can see the true iPhone 5 however, from the parts leaked, we believe two-tone, elongated unibody design that the next-generation iPhone might look like. Well, some people just can't wait that long, and you know what, some people from M.I.C has successfully transform his iPhone 4 into iPhone 5.

Okay, perhaps one of the only aesthetic differences between the next iPhone and the previous two iterations of iPhone is the two-tone glass/metal rear panel seen on various “leaked” next generation iPhone back shells. The two-tone backside is really eye-catching, and if the next iPhone really does look like this, we imagine folks who fell in love with this purported two-tone design will want this design to be featured on the iPhone 4/4S. Yeah, you can do it now, thanks to iPhone5mod.com.

This is his iPhone 4. The back panel he got here is a two-tone black anodized aluminum back plate which look like the purported two-tone design of Apple’s next iPhone.

It looks awesome.

This is how mutated iPhone 4 look beside the ear.

Hands on

Take a photo with new iPhone

And here’s the white version. Nice.

If you also want get this iPhone 5 back panel for my iPhone 4, It’s available for purchase at iPhone5mod.com for just under 30 bucks.


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