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1. UnCurl - $0.99

UnCurl is a new jailbreak tweak by iOS developers danyl and Ori Kadosh that brings us a sweet new curling animation for both Notification Center and the lock screen. The tweak comes with options for how responsive we want the curling animation to be and it also comes with very refined animations that are smooth on just about any device. The fact that it works with both the lock screen and Notification Center all bundled into one, cheap tweak is what sets this tweak apart from the rest. It's also fun to play around with the animation under your fingertips as the curling animation follows your finger wherever you choose to drag it.

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2. Bulletin Pro - $0.99

Bulletin Pro is a new jailbreak tweak by Smartviper E75 that allows the user to resize their Notification Center and notification banners. Bulletin Pro comes with tons – and we mean tons – of options for the sizing and location of these elements on the screen. In addition, it comes with the ability to hide and show certain items in both notification banners and Notification Center. When you resize Notification Center or the notification banners, notification contents and widgets are compressed automatically to match your resized interfaces.

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3. SpringQuote - FREE

SpringQuote is an inspirational and free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer greensnow. It allows iOS to show a quote on the home screen right above all of the application icons. When it does this, application icons are compressed downwards the same way they would be if the double-sized Status Bar were present. Since this only occurs on the home screen, this won’t affect application interfaces in any way. The quotes are customizable, as the tweak comes with a preferences pane allowing you to change the colors of the text and the subject of quote types you want to see. The quotes will scroll across the top of the screen from right to left just like the Stocks widget in Notification Center does.

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4. SpringMusic - FREE

If you use a third party app switcher on your jailbroken iDevice, chances are you’ve run into the issue that many face - lack of media controls. It’s actually what stops me from using app switcher alternatives, because I tend to use my media controls in the switcher all the time, thus can’t do without them. SpringMusic solves this issue though. By a simple activator action, you can display a select panel dedicated to media controls. Check it out:

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5. Useful Things - FREE

Cydia tweaks that combine features from multiple free tweaks can be incredible time savers, especially if you restore your iPhone or iPad frequently. The problem is these tweaks need to implement their features intelligently, or else they become more trouble than they are worth. Useful Things is a Cydia tweak that combine many SpringBoard UI tweaks, but permanently enables too many of them at once for my tastes.

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6. ClearMyCache - FREE

Sometimes caches in iOS can get weighed down over time. This can cause slowness and bogged down performance. A new application can be downloaded for free from the Cydia store to clean out these caches in a very quick step without very much work on the user’s part.

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