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One of the cool things about iOS 7 is the dynamic wallpapers with the parallax effect on the Home and Lock screen.  Well, if you’re jailbroken you don’t have to wait any longer.

2 themes have just been released on Cydia that allow you to do just that (at least on the Lock screen).

The two themes that I’ll be covering are iOS7 Accelerometer Slideshow Lockscreens and iOS7 Bubble Weather Ani Lockscreen Pack (names are quite a mouthful), both of which are developed by Simon.

First, let’s talk about iOS7 Accelerometer Slideshow Lockscreens.  This theme brings you 5 different packs of 20 different wallpapers, so if you do the math, it has 100 wallpapers included.  Each pack of 20 wallpapers have a specific theme which are Cityscapes, Close up, Nature, Night Sky, and 3D Abstract. All 5 packs bring you great looking wallpapers that have that parallax effect like in iOS 7.  The theme will automatically rotate through the 20 Wallpapers in each pack like a slideshow, which is quite a neat feature. Before you choose a theme in WinterBoard (WinterBoard -> Select Themes) and respring your device, you may want to download a tweak that will hide your native Lock screen clock because this theme includes an iOS 7 style clock as well.  You can hide your clock with Lock screen Clock Hide (free) or with Springtomize ($2.99).  Once the clock is hidden you can enjoy the theme to it’s full potential.  If you tap on the Lock screen it also displays weather information.  Your local weather can be changed by inputting your weather code using iFile.

Check out the video walkthrough below:

Next up is iOS7 Bubble Ani Lockscreen Pack.  This theme allows you to set iOS 7-style dynamic bubble wallpaper with parallax in 14 different colors. It also has the themed clock so you will need to use either Springtomize or Lock screen Clock Hide to hide the native clock.  When using this theme you’ll notice that even if your device isn’t moving, the bubbles in the background continue to move, which makes it look really nice.  With the various different colors to choose from, you’re sure to find something that you like and to match your theme of your device.  Again, this tweak has the weather widget if you tap on the lock screen, which can be customized to your local weather using iFile.

Check out the video walkthrough below:

You can download both of these tweaks from the modmyi repo for $1.29 each.


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