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Here is the weekly collection of the week. This week is full of Puzzles, ready to exercise your brain now? Here we go!

10. Clockwork Brain - Challenge your Mind with Fun Puzzles!

 Play fun, innovative puzzles and train your brain with A Clockwork Brain!

 Discover a series of unique mini-games especially created to test various cognitive abilities such as visual, spatial, logic, language, arithmetic, and memory. Everything in the game has been lovingly hand-painted with influences from Victorian Steampunk and Mayan art.

 Sprocket, the robot, will be your guide! Let the games begin!

 ✪ "I’m really digging A Clockwork Brain in the same way I love the Brain Age series on Nintendo DS [...] The cool Victorian-inspired Steampunk aesthetic only adds to the enjoyment of the game.” – G4TV

 ✪ “A fantastic collection of brain teasers [...] no two ever feel alike.” – Gamezebo

 ✪ “The world’s most authentic simulation of studying in a Steampunk classroom taught by a brass-plated robot.” – Pocketnext

 ♥ "Instant fun!"
 ♥ "Great game! My brain is sore from working out!"
 ♥ "Super addictive, great theme, fun and challenging games! Love it!"
 ♥ "So fun and challenging....officially addicted....getting nothing else done this weekend!"
 ♥ “This game will challenge you, but you'll see quickly improvements in your processing, memory, and visual skills. It's very fun, but addictive.”
 ♥ “I’ve never written an app review before... But this game is worth it. The value is amazing. Just don't plan on going anywhere for a while, because you'll be glued.”
 ♥ “I love this app. It's a quirky, brain stretching, Steampunk quiz game. It really engages the mind and is worth getting the premium version with all the games ready installed…. It's well done to the developers.”

 ★ Enjoy four free, addictive mini-games!

 ★ Get challenged with bite-sized, fast-paced gameplay full of brain-training goodness!

 ★ Collect Tokens as you play and unlock special Upgrades!

 ★ Train every day and win even more Tokens with Daily Rewards!

 ★ Fine-tune your brain-training by creating your own Challenges!

 ★ Compete with others on OpenFeint and Game Center and collect great Achievements!

 ★ Sharpen those verbal skills with nine languages! (English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Greek)

 ★ Expand your brain-games collection by purchasing Premium Game Packs!

 ★ See how long you can survive in the fiendishly difficult Insane Round for even higher scores!

 ★ Try all Premium Games for FREE with Tokens!

 ★ Purchase the new Mega Pack and unlock all premium games at a discount!

 ★ Scrolling Silhouettes: Trains Visual/Spatial Ability
 ★ Anagrams: Trains Language Processing
 ★ Missing Tiles: Trains Arithmetic
 ★ Chase the Numbers: Trains Memory
 ★ Size Matters (Unlockable Bonus): Trains Visual/Spatial Ability

 ★Word Length: Trains Language Processing
 ★Sculpt Away: Trains Memory
 ★Directions: Trains Visual/Spatial Ability
 ★Points of View: Trains Logic
 ★Label It!: Trains Language Processing
 ★What Has Changed: Trains Memory
 ★Speed Match: Trains Reflexes
 ★Logic Tiles: Trains Logic


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