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Whether you’re new to iOS, or just want to pick up some useful tips and tricks, we’re here to help. Welcome to a new tutorial series here on AppAdvice: iOS Advice.

Keeping your messages confidential can be very useful in many different situations. If you’ve ever locked your device and left it somewhere out in the open, you’re at risk of others possibly seeing previews of the messages you receive. Fortunately, there’s a solution built right into iOS.

Check out the video or read the steps below:

In order to hide your message previews there are a few steps to follow. First, go into Settings on your device and tap on Notifications. Once inside the Notifications settings, tap on Messages. Finally, just scroll down to the bottom and slide the Show Preview switch to off.

Now when you receive a message, your notification will show the identifier of the sender and “iMessage” or “Text Message” beneath it. This little iOS tip will hide all future SMS or iMessage previews. You’ll now need to open the individual message inside the Messages app in order to see it.

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