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Cool Clash is a fighter game developed only for iOS devices' touch feature. The game has been developed for years, and finally gets available now. The characters and backgrounds are all hand-drawn, and in motion it looks like you're playing an actual cartoon.

The other notable aspect of Cool Clash is its unique touch controls. Rather than rely on a set of virtual buttons, Cool Clash uses a very clever swipe gesture system. Diagonal swipes control heavy high hits, heavy low hits, blocking and throwing. Simply tapping performs light hits, with a tap>hold>drag motion performing a special move.

In addition, the way jumping is handled in Cool Clash is also very unique. What would normally be the UP direction on a d-pad is replaced with an arc-shaped button. Where you touch on the arc will relate to what angle you'll jump, and you can either tap the button for a short hop or hold it down to perform a huge leap into the air. The control system is pretty simple to understand, and in my short time with Cool Clash so far I've found it to work incredibly well. The swiping gestures feel natural and can lead into many cool combos.


- hand-drawn cartoon characters, lots of animation
 - rich backgrounds
 - outstanding Jump-System, allowing precise Jump-directions, as well as low hops and large leaps
 - dramatic KO screenshots you can save and share with friends
 - cool voices
 - groovy music
 - compete for high scores in survival mode
 - show your skills in championship mode
 - earn Game Center achievements
 - Flexible challenge with four difficulty levels

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Cool Clash Cool Clash
An original fighting game for iOS with THOUSANDS of hand-drawn frames of animation!

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