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There have been countless knockoff games 'inspired' by the Worm series, and now the third chapter of the official game is finally out. It’s been well over two years since Team17 launched Worms 2: Armageddon,

Worms 3 comes packed with a number of impressive features. Gamers, for example, are now able to alter the outcome of rounds using strategic cards, and during games it’s possible to collect rewards. Individual worms are categorised using a new “Class” system (which includes Heavy, Scientist, Scout, and Classic Soldier), and users can play online in a multiplayer mode of gameplay.


"Playing with friends and strangers is what the Worms experience is all about, and Worms 3 is, inevitably, no exception. Its humour is that little bit funnier when you're sat with a friend, and its unruly chaos is always worth sharing.

Worms 3 is a Worms game through and through, then - a proud showcase of nearly two decades of iteration and ridiculous bombs...

An entertaining single-player mode and some excellent multiplayer modes make Worms 3 a decent addition to the long-running series" --- Pocketgamer 8/10

"The heart of the game is awfully familiar: teams of four worms each take turns battling with goofy weapons on environments made of destructible terrain. All the familiar tools of destruction are here: there’s the standard bazookas, grenades, and air strikes, of course. But as well, sheep, bananas, and holy hand grenades make a comeback.

The big changes are the addition of squads and cards. Now when customizing a team of worms, including their voices, names, and appearance, each worm can be made into one of four unit types. There’s the standard soldier worm, a beefier heavy worm, a more agile scout worm, and an auto-healing support worm, the scientist...

Worms 3 doesn’t rock the boat too much, which is a very good thing. The classic gameplay still rocks."  --- 148Apps 4/5

Massive arsenal of quirky weapons. Trading cards add an exciting new twist to traditional Worms gameplay. Every kind of game mode you could ask for.
Repetitive game objects and level designs. No tutorials for a lot of the unfamiliar weapons and their uses. Three-star campaign requirements based on time." --- Gamezebo 4/5

Worms 3 is available on Pandaapp's download center. Enjoy it.

Worms™ 3 Worms™ 3
The follow up to the award-winning, best-selling Worms 2: Armageddon is here! Worms™ 3 has been designed and developed exclusively for iOS.

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