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A recent rumor has been spotted on Reddit indicating that Apple may be in the works of getting asymmetric screws for their devices to keep users out. Citing Cult of Mac, the rumor comes from a leaked e-mail that supposedly came from Apple's design department in Cupertino, CA. The screw, pictured above, has a completely bizarre head pattern that will render most, if not all, known screwdrivers useless in attempting to remove the screw by the end user.

Apple is known for trying to minimize the amount of user access to the internals of their devices. Apple switched from Phillips screws to Pentalobe screws on some of their devices to help with keeping people out (images by iFixit):

Why would Apple be trying so hard to keep people out of their devices? – Keeping people out of their devices means less accidents are likely to happen and this means Apple won’t have to replace as many devices. Other explanations go as far as claiming that the company just likes to control everything, leaving to the user to cope with this control.

For the average Apple device user, it probably won’t make much difference what kind of screw the company decides to go with. Apple sells a whole lot more mobile devices than computers and there really isn't much room in Apple's mobile devices to make modifications.

Apple's newer computers on the other hand, are switching from removable hardware to permanent hardware. The MacBook Air has custom storage, which can't be upgraded by the end user. The MacBook Pro with retina display has custom memory and custom storage, which cannot be upgraded or replaced by industry-standard hardware, so being able to open the device wouldn't offer much freedom to the end user in terms of non-mobile devices either.

Although there wouldn’t be any existing screwdrivers made for this particular kind of screw, it seems like a long shot trying to use it in their devices, as third party companies will likely develop third party accessories capable of removing the screws and make these tools available to the public.

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