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The mobile app market has drastically altered the world of gaming in recent years, with various arcade favorites, and mainstay console franchises expanding with app versions. Popular games like Minecraft now exist seemingly everywhere, from Xbox 360, to Facebook, to mobile phone applications, and fans can find simplified versions of major sports games like Madden in app form as well. But perhaps most interesting of all of these transitions is the expansion of BetFair's exchange games to the app market.

BetFair is essentially a casino gaming website that offers a variety of casino experiences, from sports gambling, to slots and arcade, and of course, poker - all with real money gambling capability. It is for this reason that expansion into app form is particularly noteworthy. The BetFair poker app - "Poker In Play" - is now one of the most significant real money gambling app games on the market.

To begin with, the ability to gamble real money at the touch of a screen from a mobile device is still somewhat revolutionary. Even as different countries and regions around the world wrestle with the issue of online gambling regulation and legality (for what it's worth, online gambling is still illegal in the United States!), BetFair has made it simpler than ever for mobile users to risk and win money through online gaming. And then of course, there's the app itself, which is quite unique among poker apps.

The average mobile poker app (of which there are quite a few) tends to include some slight variation on the same thing: a basic Texas Hold'Em setup, playing against arcade or live competitors, betting fake chips in the same style that a real game would demand. Basically, it's a simulation of a real life poker experience. "Poker In Play," on the other hand, offers a twisted version of this experience designed for more entertaining gambling, as well as for practicing poker.

With Poker In Play, the goal is not to win a chip stack in the middle of the table by bluffing other players or securing the best hand. Rather, it is to identify the hand best positioned to win a hypothetical chip stack. Instead of focusing solely on your own cards, you are able to look at every hand at the table, and place bets as each new card is revealed (with changing odds each "round") as to which hand will come out on top. It's certainly a different approach, but if you're in it for the gambling it can be a blast, and it's actually quite helpful as a learning tool, teaching you how to recognize promising hands. Plus, the quick "cash out" tool allows you to get out with your winnings as soon as you see the need to!

Ultimately, if you're looking for a pure poker app this one will be a bit of an adjustment. But if you're looking for a way to improve, and to have some fun gambling small amounts, Poker In Play is for you!

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