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Apple iPhone 5 ad said: Every day,More photos are taken on the iPhone than any other phone! We have no doubt about that, people are getting used to use their iPhone or any other phone to record their daily life, because the iPhone camera is so convenient and has good quality enough to replace the camera, however the question is have you use any app to manage the tons of photos you’ve shot by iPhone? Maybe most of you don’t do that, actually there are so many apps to let you organize your photos methodically, and the “Photarg – Capture Your Evolution” is the right app to let you do that, Photarg lets you capture photos and turn them into short videos so you can watch your progress from weight loss, muscle gain, pregnancy body changes, children growing up, pets and much more.

So let’s get our hands on with this app, when we first open the app, Photarg show us a big evolution picture to tell what this app can do for you, in the app there are some default categories to let you record kinds of evolution of your life, such as workout, pregnancy, night life, pets garden, holiday, life and family, these basic categories can let you record the most important moments of your life by different categories, and of course you can create your own category, after that you can add the related photos to the right category, the most excited part is Photarg can make an vivid video with these photos, you can add the photos, music and then the photarg will create your evolution movie in seconds, also you can share these videos to your facebook or even on Youtube, the videos will be saved in your iPhone photo albums automatically.

For me I love the workout category, so I can record my muscle grows in days, and make the video to show my friends could be very excited, the Photarg is so easy to use, what’s more photarg has a very thoughtful function “Reminder” to remind you don’t forget to record the moments, don’t let the good memories slip away. And now Photarg – Capture Your Evolution is available in iTunes app store for $0.99

Photarg – Capture Your Evolution Photarg – Capture Your Evolution
Be motivated and track your progression with Photarg, the easy to use time-lapse photo to video progression app!
Photarg FREE – Capture Your Evolution Photarg FREE – Capture Your Evolution
Turn your progression photos into short videos with Photarg FREE, the easy to use time-

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