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The mobile game Secret of Mana which was sold at $8.99 is on sale for about two weeks. It was originally released in on the SNES in 1993 and has since been re-released several times before landing on the App Store in 2010.

In its setting, plot, and mechanics, Secret of Mana was breezier and more lighthearted than many of its contemporaries. While Final Fantasy VI was offering self-serious steampunk dystopia, the trio of Boy, Girl, and Sprite were riding a dragon named Flammie.


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It also made some smart concessions in order to balance its action-RPG combat with more traditional party management: customizable companion AI. All these make Secret of Mana a great game, maybe it is the right one that you are looking for, buy it during this promotion weeks. Don’t let chance pass by, deadline is 10th. Hurry up!

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Source: toucharcade.com

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