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Folks over Pocketgamer have got first hands-on experience with the anticipated sci-fi masterpiece Epoch 2. Check it out.


Some things never change, of course. There's nothing like a bit of robot-on-robot action, after all, and plenty of shards of metal flying every which way, along with the accompanying explosions.

So, you can expect plenty more feisty cover-based firefights, with your robot hero gunning down wave upon wave of enemy rust buckets.

But the addition of new enemy-types means you'll need to incorporate new tactics into your repertoire, and the previous game's rock-paper-scissors style of dealing with threats has been greatly reduced as a result.

Take the new flying enemies. You might get off a lucky shot and knock them out of the sky, but your best bet is to let loose with a barrage of homing missiles – just cross your fingers that you won't need them again any time soon for another elusive enemy hiding behind cover.

To complement the new enemies, Uppercut has thrown in a few new moves, including a melee-smackdown. As with the first title, it all ties in to the RPG-style system of upgrading your robot's systems to increase your raw damage output, or to apply special types of damage to your various weapons

Epoch 2 will also see the inclusion of multi-tiered locations and a Gears of War-style active-reload system to provide small boosts to your damage output.

For a game that already places lots of multi-tasking demands on the player, small touches like this will reward hardcore gamers who are up to the challenge.


Epoch 2 should hit the App Store in October. We will keep you updated.

Now check out the video:


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