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Our lives are always in such a tense, when does it become full of complain, quarrel, and pressure in my life, I can’t hardly tell that. Now I need a break! Until, I come across this soft, casual game, Shark attack 2, ok, my brabara is over here.

Shark attack 2 is a tower defense very similar with PVZ, but comes with its unique features. Shark attack 2 got a slower tune than PVZ, more leisure, but you need to coordinate the income and expenditure, and it requests less about the running environment.

You talk about plants above the water, we talk about fishes in the water. Shells produce peals to let you buy different kind of fishes. Actually, they are not all strictly called fishes, corals defense the line like a stone, some fish are just a bomb, octopus slow down enemies with their ink, and other animals got their unique aquatic organisms feature.

The game got some great features like power ups, and a new way to recover life of your defenses. With few pearls, you can power animals for a moment, and when the animal is damaged, you can also heal them with pearls. You can collect free pears falling from the surface, but free bones bomb is falling randomly as well, which will wipe out all the pearls you have collected. Stay away from them.

There are 50 levels across 5 different worlds, and 18 different types of fish to choose from too defend. Fishes are unlocked by completing levels. If you are stuck in a bad situation, you are able to use 5 different abilities to create a big wave and wipe out all the enemies. Of course, that costs diamonds. Diamonds can be purchased through in-app purchases or gained by, watching its ads.

Animation and graphics are nice, developer designed lot of different expressions for the animals. When they are under attack, or suddenly come across a giant shark, it is quite funny to watch the different faces turned out on defense fishes and attacking fishes. Details revealed the humor from the developer.

Shark Attack 2 is easy, casual, though it’s still kinda simple. The first few levels are tutorial levels for new players, but I think they designed too much for tutorials, and you can’t skip that. That make it a little boring this part, but as more and more kind of fishes are unlocked, I am having a good time. If you are a tower defense fan, you should check out Shark Attack 2.

Shark Attack 2 Shark Attack 2
Add shells, collect pearls to buy new fishes and defend you territory from the big shark. You'll have hours and hours of fun and entertainment!

Shark Attack 2 can be purchased from the App Store for $1.99.



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